Academy 100-Year Anniversary

Celebrating and Reflecting on the Academy’s 100-year Anniversary

Second Century
Path to Our Future

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•         Adams, Susan E
•         Andersen, Denise A
•         Barkoukis, Hope D
•         Beseler, Lucille
•         Boehm, Wendelyn E
•         Cervantes, Kathleen A
•         Dodd, Judith L
•         Dorner, Becky
•         Enos, Diane M
•         Escott-Stump, Sylvia A
•         Fischer, Joan G
•         Gallagher, Frances Ann
•         Gann, Margery J
•         Gilmore, Carol J
•         Gosch, Christine M
•         Hoops, Linda Lagman
•         King, Debra L
•         Maloney, Kathleen Marie

•         Marcus, Jacqueline B
•         Martin, Donna S
•         Niedert, Kathleen C
•         Polly, Dianne K
•         Raimondi, Mary Pat
•         Rassekh, Shoreh T
•         Raymond, Terri J
•         Robinson, Gretchen Y
•         Russell, Mary K
•         Schmelzer, Claire D
•         Schwartz, Sharon K
•         Simon, Judy R
•         Smith, Elise A
•         Soucy, Irene M
•         Spalding, Barbara M
•         Valdez, Jonathan A
•         Visocan, Barbara J
•         Weems, Mary Suzy K
•         Weigand, Kathy A
•        Wolfram, Cynthia A

12/2016 updates

Second Century FAQ

Nutrition Summit FAQ

Why It Matters (video)

Now, more than ever, the ability to feed people and feed them well is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.  How do we transform our practice to revolutionize nutrition and dietetics for the second century, and help meet the challenges of achieving food security and improved nutrition?

The Academy has embarked on a strategic planning process, the Second Century to fulfill the mission and vision of the profession as we move into the next 100 years and establish a bold vision for the future, The process includes input from numerous stakeholders, convening with global experts this September and developing a strategic direction that seeks to expand the influence and reach of the profession in our homes, our schools, our communities, and throughout our nation and globally.

Access a video on the Second Century planning here.

View a slide overview here.

As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics embarks on its 100th anniversary in 2017, the organization is taking this moment to chart a new vision for the future — a Second Century built with an extraordinary commitment to collaboration, a focus on service and an emphasis on accelerating the progress toward solving the greatest food and nutrition challenges of our time. Thus, creating a world where people and communities flourish because of the transformational power of food and nutrition.
It is the goal of the Academy to not only keep members informed over the next three years as the Second Century initiative continues, but to part of shaping our future. The Academy is asking members to get involved throughout this process — provide feedback through surveys and key discussions at member meetings, stay engaged and help to create this new vision for the Academy.
Now, as the Academy is kicking off the Second Century initiative, is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Academy’s history and the history of the profession through past Journal of the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics articles including “History Snapshot: Dietetics Student Experience in the 1940s” or Academy publications Carry the Flame and the The First Fifty. Also, be on the lookout for upcoming meetings or webinars to learn more about the Second Century initiative.
For more background information on the Academy Second Century vision please see attached power point presentation.
Please direct additional questions to me at or directly to the Academy at
Thank you,
Maureen Janowski, RD, LD, CSG, FAND
Healthy Aging DPG Second Century Liaison
Past-chair HA DPG

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