HA Webinar:Addressing the Science, Function and History of Nitrite

Tuesday, March 05, 2019 

FCP DPG invites HA members to attend this webinar (which will include access to handouts and CPEU documentation).

Addressing the Science, Function and History of Nitrite

9am PT (10 MT, 11 CT, 12 ET)

Speaker: Jeff Sindelar, PhD

Artisan charcuterie, sizzling bacon, satisfying beef jerky, classic hot dogs and bologna are just a few of the popular cured meat products that consumers crave and enjoy. From Spain and Italy to the United States and Mexico, these delicious meat products are part of food cultures around the world. Consumers are drawn to the delicious taste and protein they provide, but are they also wondering about the use of nitrite to make these products? 

This webinar will examine the facts and functions of nitrite in our food, taking a close look at what it is, why it is used and why it is needed. Jeff Sindelar, Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will share the story of how an “accident” in food science soon became an essential and widely embraced method to controlling many dangerous bacteria and extending shelf life. He will address common questions that your patients and clients may have about the role of nitrite in food, and share the decades of research that established the safety of nitrite. Finally, he will equip webinar attendees with the evidence and information to share with patients and clients on this important topic. 

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We anticipate that this webinar will be approved for 1 hour CPEU.

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