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Melanie Betz, MS, RDN, LDN, CSG

Maureen Janowski, RD, LDN, CSG FAND
When did you become a certified specialist in genontology? July 2013 February 2015
Why did you pursue the CSG credential? Honestly, I originally looked into the CSG
credential because an advanced credential
was required for my last job.
Even though it is not required for my current position, I am definitely planning on taking the exam again and renewing my CSG next year.
I have found it is a unique credential that other professionals respect and are interested in
learning more about. It is a great
conversation starter at professional networking events!
I have spent over 20 years working with older adults and their unique nutrition needs. This really is a specialty area and it is wonderful to have the credentials that confirm my expertise.
How long did it take for you to prepare for the exam? I would guess I studied about 5 hours a
week for a month.
I spent about a month focusing on preparing for the exam.
How has the credential helped you as a nutrition professional? The obvious benefit of the CSG is the
knowledge gained while studying for the
CSG exam. The studying process forces you to really focus on how to best care for older adults. Even though I had worked with the elderly for quite a few years prior to taking the exam, I still learned quite a bit!

I have also found the credential has help set me apart during interview and vetting processes both for career and volunteer opportunities. It also think it has helped me earn respect by co-workers and other dietitians.
It has helped me tremendously. My company requires dietitians to have a specialist certification from either the Academy or ASPEN at the Director level.
Any words of advice to RDNs thinking about becoming a CSG? My biggest piece of advice is to spend most of your study time and energy on the “Nutrition Care of the Older Adult” textbook. It is easy to read, organized well and touches on almost all content areas of the exam. Go for it!  It is definitely worth it!

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