Welcome to the Healthy Aging (HA) Dietetic Practice Group!

Welcome to the Healthy Aging (HA) Dietetic Practice Group!

This will be an exciting and momentous year in the history of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as the Academy celebrates its 100th Anniversary. In Healthy Aging, we will celebrate our 40th Anniversary, and I am very pleased that you will be a part of this special year.

Healthy Aging is made up of professionals of all ages who work in a wide variety of settings. Our Vision is simple and straightforward: We all strive to optimize longevity and wellness in aging through food and nutrition.

Please take a few moments to explore our website. We are constantly updating the materials provided here. You will find information about upcoming events, professional development opportunities, CSG Certification, resources to assist you with your practice, an archive of the Spectrum newsletter, and other information that I hope will be useful to you. 

If at any time you have suggestions, questions, or are interested in helping us with a particular project, please feel free to contact our Executive Committee

Thank you for joining this vibrant group!
Claire D. Schmelzer, PhD, MPH, RDN, LD

Watch our short member orientation!

Our member benefits include:

-  Free CPEU via educational webinars, self-study newsletter articles and self-study webinars
-  Available research and education grants 
-  An exceptional newsletter and additional supplement issues
-  Regular communication via our monthly e-update
-  Updates on issues important to you
- Resources to support you if you are studying for the CSG certification exam
- An online discussion board

Our Mission:  Empowering and supporting members to be food and nutrition leaders promoting life-long wellness.
Our Vision:  Optimizing longevity and wellness in aging through food and nutrition.

Curious about why you should join Healthy Aging DPG? 
Watch this very short video!

The HA-DPG members believe the health of older adults is improved by optimal nutrition and physical activity. Our members are a valued source of information on healthy aging. 
• Translate cutting-edge research into evidence-based practices
• Advocate to reduce hunger, food insecurity and health disparities
• Promote independence and well being  through health promotion, chronic disease management strategies and public policy advocacy
• Lead the future of dietetics in the aging community
• Have valuable member benefits that enhance practice and collaboration.   

We have several self-study newsletter articles (with a quiz) and recorded webinars for CPEU.  Log in to the member side of the website for webinar details here

Link here for more information on HA's communication tools.

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